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People in office jobs spend an average of 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings, leading to frustration and reduced productivity. In addition, many meeting participants do not actively participate. In hybrid meetings, only half of all participants speak. The ideas of reactive colleagues remain unheard, which lowers creativity and innovation.  

In our interactive workshops we show you what makes and breaks good communication in virtual and hybrid meetings. At the end of each workshop we’ll develop individual guidelines for your team.

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2h Workshop: Hybrid Meeting Culture

Hybrid meetings present teams with new challenges. How can all participants be equally involved, regardless of location? Which tools help to discuss productively? In the workshop, various methods and tools are presented that make hybrid meetings more productive and inclusive. Afterwards, an individual meeting etiquette will be developed to make your meetings more sustainable.

Workshop Facilitation: Digital or in-person*
Fee: We charge 999 EUR for this workshop, *additional travel costs may apply for in-person workshops

Zoom Meeting, mehrere Teilnehmende haben die Kamera ausgeschalten

1,5h Workshop: How to increase participation in virtual meetings

Camera off, mic muted? The willingness to interact in meetings depends on the meeting preparation and the participants’ sense of belonging. The workshop will present different meeting techniques that promote collaboration in a virtual environment. We will also work on measures to increase diversity of opinion and inclusion (e.g. of introverts) in your meetings.

Workshop Facilitation: Digital or in-person*
We charge 799 EUR for this workshop, *additional travel costs may apply for in-person workshops

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Build new habits

Following our workshops, you will receive our virtual meeting planner guide and free access to Calvah. Calvah is a virtual assistant for productive meeting planning and facilitation. With Calvah you automatically establish new meeting routines. The guide and Calvah help you to implement what you have learned directly, before everyday life slows down your progress.

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Workshop Host

Our workshops are led by Susann Fischer. Susann has worked in innovative technology companies for 12 years, most recently spending 4 years at Facebook / Meta. In 2019 she has specialised in meeting design and meeting technology.

Book a free workshop consultation session with Susann to discuss your individual needs, answer your questions and to reserve a workshop date. 

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Our workshops are perceived and booked for events by small companies as well as large corporations. We adapt to your individual challenges.



The workshop really helped to challenge our meeting culture and also made us very aware of the existence of some hidden bias in our communication. All in all we are having more inclusive meetings now

Maximilian Embert, CEO VON FRED GmbH

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