What does it mean
to be human at work?

Kollektiv MFG

Our mission

We are exploring innovative answers to the question “What does it means to be human at work?”.

Technology, innovation, global events and culture are ever changing the ways we are working. One thing that isn’t changing is the human factor. But what does it mean to be human at work?

We believe, being human at work means to be seen and be able to show up as an ever-evolving individual, experiencing life day by day. Everyone has their own experiences, boundaries and expectations. We also believe that the tools and frameworks used at work should reflect human needs.

We offer human centered consulting, workshops and inclusive software development. 


Human First Process Management – Workshops and Consulting

We know that communication and project management is influenced by cognitive and unconscious biases, infrastrucutural limits and diverse needs. We help companies to adopt frameworks and technologies to increase productivity and belonging.




Calvah Meeting Suite

The technology we use to communicate, influences the way we work together. Therefore we believe that workplace technology should be human centred. We are developing the Calvah tool suite. Calvah Promptly is a free interactive library with over 100 interactive meeting exercises. Calvah Planner helps you to plan and automatically moderate your meetings. 


Resources – How workplace technology is shaping company culture

The technology and tools we use at work, influence the way we work. Therefore we believe that workplace technology should be human centred. Inclusive technology to us means to develop technology that reduces accessibility barriers, with human centred UX and that focuses on the user’s well being. We developed Calvah, a tool to plan and moderate inclusive team meetings.


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About Kollektiv MFG

We have been working with some of the most innovative tech companies before founding Kollektiv MFG. We are driven by the desire to texplore new ways to connect humanity and technology. We’ve build a close knit network of like minded freelancers, coaches, NGOs and companies. 

Jennifer Meier

Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Product Designer, Scrum Master, Innovation Lead

Susann Fischer

Design Thinking Coach, Online Marketing & Sales Enthusiast, Networker

Our Network

Development, Design, UX, Testing, Research, Philosophy, etc.

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