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We believe that technology should be intuitive, inclusive, safe, useful and it should improve the user’s life.

If you develop technology, B2B or B2C, you usually want to solve a problem or improve productivity. Technology that is hard to understand, difficult to use or not accessible is more likely to fail.

We partner with companies and NGOs who want to design their technology as inclusive and safe as possible. We also support partners who want to make technology safer and easier to use for marginalized people.



Inclusive Tech Strategy

Create your own inclusive tech strategy with us. Our team can support you in analysing how inclsuive your technology is now and showcase opportunities to increase inclusion.

Projects we are currently working on:

  • Updating Calvah, a software for more inclusion in online meetings
  • Improving safety and user experience for an online service to report virtual crimes
  • Exploring inclusive and save ways for 1:1 coachings in VR
  • Support with a simple UI/UX for an app that allows parents to apply for child benefits

Request a consultation session or write us a message to see how we can support you!


Workshops and Talks – Inclusive Technology

We offer design thinking workshops for teams who want to develop a new technology or who want to make an existing technology more inclusive. That can be an app, a software or a machine.

We collaborate with artists, philosophers and UI/UX designers to find new ways for how humans can interact with technology.

Partners & Network

Our inclusive technology network

We partner with DE&I consultancies (diversity, equity and inclusion), NGOs and provider of technology with the mission to improve inclusion at work. 

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