Design Thinking for Sales

New approches for old challenges.

Working in sales, account management and agencies you’ll come across evergreen challenges. The client knows what they want, but you know what they actually need. Their target audience is everyone, even though they serve a specific niche. Or, you face a challenge that can’t be solved by the usual best practices and you don’t know where to start. 

We designed this workshop to support sales managers, account managers and other client facing teams to reduce conflicts, increase creativity and productivity to build healthy long term client relationships.

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2h Workshop Package

  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • Pre-workshop consultation and personalization
  • Post-workshop handouts

Workshop Facilitation: Virtual or in-person
Fee: 950 EUR for up to 10 participants. Additional costs may apply for additional participants and for travel expenses for in-person workshops.

design thinking for sales frameworks

Frameworks and excercises

During the workshop all participants learn multiple creative approaches to solve challenges during client onboarding, for defining an account strategy and to solve conflicts. After the workshop each participant receives handy templates for everyday use.  

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Workshop Host

Our workshops are led by Susann Fischer. Susann has worked in innovative technology companies for over 12 years, most recently spending 4 years at Facebook / Meta working with agencies, creatives and developers.

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Our workshops are booked for events by corporations, media agencies and startups. We adapt to your individual challenges.


The workshop really helped to challenge our meeting culture and also made us very aware of the existence of some hidden bias in our communication. All in all we are having more inclusive meetings now

Maximilian Embert, CEO VON FRED GmbH
on our Inclusive Meeting Design Workshop

Maximilian lacht, er trägt ein Basecap auf dem VON FRED steht

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