About us

Since 2021 we combine lean development and digitalization of processes with the principles of equality, inclusion and sustainability. Kollektiv MFG stands for Meier, Fischer (the founders surnames), Gründerinnen (engl. founders) + their collective network

Comic sketch of a women with a pony tail wearing a pink top, representing the founder Jennifer Meier

Jennifer Meier

Jennifer looks back on over 12 years experience as an employee and freelancer for design, process management, change management, B2B and B2C. In her last role she worked as an innovation manager at SPRYLAB technologies.

Comic sketch of a women wearing a yellow hat and a yellow top, representing the founder Susann Fischer

Susann Fischer

Susann has been working in the online marketing industry for over 12 years. Before founding Kollektiv MFG she worked at Facebook Inc for 4 years as a Sales Partner and Product Partnerships Manager. She’s active as an advocate for women empowerment (Girls Gearing Up Mentor, ReDi School Volunteer, aktive with Women@Facebook community).

Why we develop Calvah

There is a clear positive impact as a result of successful diversity and inclusion efforts. Yet, a stark gap persists between recognizing the need for diversity and inclusion and and use of training and tools that unlock this capability and actually practicing them. We want to put process over good intentions and believe software can help to create inclusive routines and overcome unconscious biases. 

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