Process Management

Sometimes it needs the objective view from the outside!

You have an idea for a new product or feature? You are stuck in a slow process? You want to introduce a new software? You have difficulties in your communication? Then an external sparring partner will help you to set yourself up for change and get you over the finish line.

We work with you in workshops on possible ideas, strategies, changes and your next steps.

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Individual Workshop

Depending on the challenge, we offer half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops. In preliminary discussions and with the help of employee* interviews, we put together an individual workshop program.

Type of workshop: Digital or in-person
Price: On request

design thinking for sales frameworks

Design Thinking Frameworks 

We provide helpful design thinking frameworks that help you think outside of entrenched structures and solve your challenges as a team.

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Workshop Hosts

The workshops are conducted by our certified Scrum Masters and Design Thinking Coaches, depending on the venue.

Arrange a free consultation to tailor the workshop to your needs and coordinate possible dates.

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Our workshops are booked for events by small companies as well as large corporations. We adapt to your individual challenges.

„The workshop really helped us to question our meeting culture and made us uncover hidden dynamics in our communication. Since then, we’ve been making our meetings more inclusive.“
Maximilian Embert, Managing Director VON FRED GmbH
Workshop: Inclusive Meeting Culture

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